Review: Korres Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Lip Cooler

Lip Cooler & Package

This past weekend I took a much needed stop at Sephora! I went in without a specific purchase in mind but more so to look around and test out some new products. I came across the Korres Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Lip Cooler which I had never seen before. I was very intrigued by the Greek Yoghurt aspect as it is supposed to be very hydrating and nourishing. Even though winter tends to be the season for dry skin and lips I still like to make sure my lips stay soft and moisturized. I find time in the sun can cause some dryness so I interested to see if these would work. I’ve tried the lip butters from Korres and I really like them so I thought I would give this a try!

The Greek Yoghurt Lip Coolers come in a few different colors although none of them were super pigmented when I swatched them. I decided to go with Strawberry since it was a very subtle pink tone that I thought would add a little something to the lip while still looking very natural.

One thing that really stands out about this product is that the applicator has a metal rolling ball at the tip. The roller ball helps to create the cooling effect. The products texture is a bit gritty but it disappears quickly if you use the rolling ball to rub the product into your lips. It is not at all sticky which is great! The last thing I want is sticky lips in this warm summer weather. The balm overall is very long lasting, although the cooling effect does not last the length of products wear on your lips.

Afterwards this leave your lips soft and moisturized! Not only does this product look pretty on the lips but it really does make a difference in the way your lips feel after wearing. There isn’t much I would change about this product other than I would like if they offered some more pigmented shades. These versatile balms are definitely worth a try and will not break the bank at $19 a piece.

Are there anything lip treatments you use that give you great results? Let me know!

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